About Us

About Zimbabwean Atheists

We are a team of journalists committed to raising awareness about secular concerns around the world from a Zimbabwean perspective. Inspired by the Zimbabwean experience; a classic example of how the lack of respect for secularism infringes on progress and human rights, we shed light on the harm religious fundamentalism causes in various societies, while championing science, reason, objectivity and free inquiry all across the world.

About Atheism and Secularism

Simply put, Atheism is the lack of belief in deities or supernatural entities. We are all born Atheists, unless the cycle of religious indoctrination from our parents and societies catches on to us. In that case, we are indoctrinated to be a Christian who holds a few traditional beliefs if born in Zimbabwe or most Sub Saharan African countries, a Muslim in Saudi Arabia, Hindu in India, Shinto in Japan, Buddhist in Thailand, animist in Amazonian tribes and the list goes on. Some religious communities value their beliefs more than they do the rule of law or human rights. Some Christian teachers, for instance, would undermine systematic education by pushing for their private beliefs in public schools that are supposed to accommodate people from different religious, cultural and social backgrounds. Fundamentalist Christian lawmakers are informed by their private dogmatic religious views when they decide on laws that govern a diverse population. Muslim governments deny basic human rights that include freedom of thought, speech and association to every citizen in their countries. These are some of the reasons why secularism is important, nay, even necessary. Secularism is the separation of church and state; a constitutional provision that guarantees that no law, government sanction or public figure of authority gives privilege to any one religion. If the state stays neutral in matters of religion and the church stays neutral in matters of state, a culture of tolerance and society that embraces diversity will be fostered. The Zimbabwean Atheists are committed to the secular cause and hopes to facilitate for a progressive society.